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Delphine Cordie is a Belgian designer who re-invented her approach to jewelry design, to build a bridge between her love for jewelry and interior design.


The Utopia objects, which she calls 'wall jewels', are combinations of natural materials such as stone, wood, leather, brass and cords. They express their strength through their shape and proportions, but are also refined and elegant thanks to Cordie's precise handwork.


From her studio in Ghent, she undertakes a rigorous process of polishing, sculpting, finishing and assembling. Her search for balance through form and material is closely linked to her personality

and her love for architecture and art.


Each wall jewel is a personal expression of femininity and balance, but also of playfulness and optimism.


Represented by:

US: GARDE - New York / Dallas / Los Angeles

Belgium: IVY & RAY - Ghent 

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